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Perfect Porn #7 Brooke Lee Adams

Okay, lets go way back. 
Brooke Lee Adams was active almost a decade ago. She did a fair amount of very ordinary porn. When you scan through the thumbnails of scenes she did, it's hard to tell them apart at all they're so samey. But, she is just indescribably beautiful. Her trademark bob hair style, cute-as-a-button features and soft,  curvy body makes her stand out from performers from that time. Plus, oh my god, she could act.
She did good movies for Digital Playground and Naughty America, but an awful lot of really bad ones too. When you see her astonishing face and body on some tawdry, poorly lit set it's almost heartbreaking. 

What I think made her really stand out at the time was that she
looked like she belonged in Playboy but she did stuff more suitable for Hustler. She always looked like she'd wandered onto the set from a softcore shoot next door and got straight down to sucking dick and doing anal.

She's sometimes described as having 'girl next door' looks, which I always hated as a phrase, and in any case it's some sort of side-swipe at brunettes, I think. I never lived in a city with anyone as beautiful as Brooke - never mind next door. Her eyes are perfect, her skin flawless and her lips are perfect.

But of course, none of that matters next to her personality - slightly goofy and innocent, which like I pointed out, just accentuated the filthyness. Her Houswife 1 on 1 video is just a delight. She's covered in flour, not a great cook, makes up for it with a blow job then enthusiastic sex. She's so cute it's almost criminal.
I collected an awful lot of her movies over the years, but picking a few for gifs for this page reminded me how poor so many of them were, and how stand-out fabulous some of them were.
She seemed to do quite a few scenes with Gracie Glam, including one really-well known lesbian one where she has a bit of an emotional eruption near the end, crying and telling Gracie how much she loves her, I've often wondered if this was real or fake. No doubt she could act it, but Gracie seems so moved and almost embarrassed that I wonder if it was spontaneous.

I havent made a Brooke PMV, but when I listed out eight favourite pornstars to an article on, she was the only one on the list that I hadn't. So, when I went through that folder I put some aside to form the basis of something dreamy and high-class, Just have to pick out some music for it 

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That girl winked at me - what I like.

'Lucky' Lucy Theodorova caption
So, when I’m writing, I put pictures on the page. It helps. The pictures don’t illustrate the story at all, They’re just pictures - of gorgeous women, obviously. At one time, I used to try to find pictures which would illustrate, but it was just too hard to find anything that matched what was going on, so I just gave up and used anything.
Not anything, there are rules, or at least guidelines, which I don’t always follow. First - only women, which means rarely hard core porn. I’ve almost never used pictures of two women - not that I don’t like that, it just doesn’t help. Second - only with faces. I don’t like pictures where the head is cut off, I don’t even much like pictures where the model doesn’t face the camera. What I want, is eye contact. A look. Of course, I also want sexy clothes, and variety. I try not to use the same ones all the time.

I can’t write without the  pictures. I need some inspiration. Maybe not inspiration - encouragement. And the look helps. See the picture here - it’s a huge help. It is almost a perfect picture. What would make it perfect? Two things. First, the original is off center. Which means my cropped version can’t really have the eyes dead center, at least not without losing a lot of her lovely hair. Not that important. The thing that would make it really perfect is if she were winking.

This is ‘Lucky’ Lucie Theodorova. I had seen her before in my collection of ‘research’ pictures and videos, but I’d never known her name, or indeed realised that she was the same girl in a wide variety of material I already had.
I noticed her, this picture, or the set of pictures it comes from, the other day. It’s from a site called, which I would recommend. Anyway, it was very arresting. I liked it a lot. So I sought out some more from other sites in the 1byday family of sites, (DDF productions). I found many more. Some of which I liked a lot too. So, I went looking wider afield. At that stage, I only knew the name ‘Lucky’, but soon, I found her real name, and then I found much much more. I also found that she was the same girl in some other scenes that I had. I collected. I sought out, I even (brace yourself) purchased some material. And then, she winked at me. Not at me, you understand, but at the camera. I loved that. I found more material. She winked  at me again. And again. It’s her thing. She winks. I think I fell in love.

And it got me thinking - what does the kind of porn I like, the kind of girls I like, say about me, and maybe about other people who like the kind of stories that I like and write? In the last update, I ranted a little about the kind of things I don’t like, and I’m going to expand on that some more, since, well, I like to rant, and it feels important.

First off - angles  -  concentrating on her face, not gynaecology. Second, smiling. Third, clothes.
I make Porn Music videos, so I watch a lot of porn, skimming through it, stopping, rewinding, selecting short clips and moments, finding what I think is good. It really makes you think about what you like in porn, and why. Usually I'm looking for clips from a couple of seconds down to half . second. I want something arresting and kinetic that shows the porn star to her best. Most videos are shit. They run through the same moves in the same order. I'm trying to find the very best moments and distill them down to something that shows the essence of her performance and personality, as I see it. I'm also trying to do that in a way that compliments the music and fits together in some sort of order, not just a random collection of bits.

So, I almost always skip completely over all reverse cowgirl. She has her back to the camera and it's not conducive to moment, apart from up and down. Also, if the male performer is in the way, no good which rules out loads of positions where she's on her back and he's above her - not sure what that's called but I skip over all that.  I want facial expression. I want to see her visibly being pounded and I want her to look like she's really enjoying it, even if that's kind of intense or anguished. For key moments, what I'm looking for, usually is a moment where the performer is being fucked, just enjoying it, and then catches the camera, acknowledging the viewer, ideally with a smile or a wink. That's gold.  Platinum is if she's wearing pantyhose or any outfit I like while that's happening.

So, what does that say about me? It says, clearly, that I am a wonderful person who respects and cares deeply about women.  Maybe not. But one thing that I have noticed, that while my tastes in porn have slid ever deeper towards the hardcore end, the scenes I like to put in PMVs are still the same. Faces. smiles, clothes.

The smiles and winks and acknowledgements of the viewer are really important. When I'm choosing a video to put in, I often reject one completely if the performer doesn't 'see' the camera. She has to look at the viewer. Even if everything else is perfect, she has to do this. And what I've found is that some performers do and some don't. It does depend on the director, and sometimes a performer who almost always looks, will not for one video - presumably the director asked them not to. And some series will just never have the girl look at the camera. I think there's a school of thought that says it's unprofessional or something. I think that's a mistake. Her seeing you brings the viewer into the action. Smiling at you, welcomes you into the action. Winking gives you a connection to her that she chooses to share.  Often a video will have a solo set-up - posing in an outfit, possibly dancing, possibly talking to the director before the male talent shows up. And most times, the actor will give the camera a lot of eye action during that setup but then just keep her eyes on her partner once the sex begins. That's a disappointment.

Clothes sometimes suffer the same fate. The fantastic outfit is peeled off right at the start and the performer is naked for most of the scene. I always want maximum clothing on for as long as possible, but we rarely get that. I'm also not a big fan of seeing pantyhose shredded right at the start.  Laddered nylon never looks great. Some thicker leggings and hose retain their shape. Brazzers seems to choose a kind that rips so far then stays intact, sometimes just with a hole for butt-cheeks to poke out.
If clothes make the man, then they definitely make the pornstar.

But I'd trade any outfit for this look.


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