Thursday, July 01, 2004

Starting to write again.

I'm about to go on some holidays, and have been putting off all kinds of writing until I would have some time. In particular, I want to completely rework the beginning of "Clarissa".

What has fired my imagination most in recent days is some new images that I've downloaded from the net, and some older stories which I've re-read recently.

So, first off, Merritt Cabal. I first discovered her in a scan that got from Goldscan - probably still the best source I have for good quality pictures.

I love the lingerie she's wearing in this series from a Playboy Lingerie special. There's something about the inverted vee exposing her belly button which is particularly sexy. Also, her hair is just fabulous - the rich exture and the curly bob do it for me in a big way. It's probably now my favourite set of pictures of all time.