Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 Update
I've done some new writing, but last year I finally allowed the site domain name and hosting to lapse, so I've nowhere to put the new pages up. However, all is not lost, as there's plenty of ways to distribute stuff on the web these days. Keep reading.

In fact, what I did for the new chapters of Stephanie's scheme, and Clarissa was to redo them as a .pdf files. In fact, I re-read, edited and fixed spelling and other problems in both files, as well as redoing them as pdf docs. So, what I've done is post them at this site - rapidshare.de, and you can download them from there.

There are two files in each case, one with and one without pictures.
Stephanie with pictures is nearly 30Megs
Stephanie without pictures is only 20Megs

Now, just for my own gratification, and to make sure this works, I'll only send you the link you need to get the next update if you post a comment here. Then I'll message you back the link. If you're at all familiar with me, you'll know that I won't spam you or sell your email on. I just long for some feedback on what I write.

Why the huge break? Well, real life became fairly intense for a while, nothing bad, just a lot to do, and once you fall out of the habit of writing for a long while, it drops out of your mind.
Why start back on it now? I've no idea, maybe the time becomes available, maybe stuff just builds up in your head.

A word on the new material. First off, there isnt an awful lot. In Clarissa I've added about half of a chapter, and in Stephanie, about one full chapter (which is a lot more than for Clarissa as the Stephanie chapters are much longer). However, what I did manage to do with it, was to finally decide what THE TRUTH is. To be honest, I started to write it (back in 2002) and wrote a lot of it without any clear idea of where the plot was going, what had happened in the past, or any notion of where the story was going. When I started back on it a month or so ago, and re-read the whole thing, it became clearer to me where I wanted to take it, and what had happened to these characters in the past. That done of course, I then proceeded to head off on a totally unlrelated tangent, so don't expect the plot to have moved on much.

In Clarissa, the procrastination continues. Without meaning to, I've endlessly drawn out the meeting between Dan, Jenny and Frank to the degree that it feels like time will telescope down to the crucial few seconds before they meet with noting moving forward, as I put off the terrible moment forever.

Here's an extract from the new section of Stephanie.

"That moment I saw you look at me here, in this house, the way you looked at me. The way it made me feel. I didn’t know what it was, but it made me feel different. Powerful. You are such a fucking sissy that your look, your furtive little look, woke something in me. I knew I wanted to fuck you. I knew I wanted to hold you down and fuck you. Fuck you hard. And from then on, every time Kurt would fuck me, every time he’d shove his hard cock into me, even though I loved it, some part of me, some part of my mind was enjoying it on a different level. Like I was him. Like I was the one fucking the girl, holding her legs apart and ramming myself into her, making her gasp, making her moan, listening to her pant my name.”

If downloading files from rapidshare doesn't sound good then I can email them to you. And if you previously visited my site and want to get a copy of any of my older stories then just ask and I'll send them on in email.

That's in.