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She pushed me off her and began gathering up her things, then she paused as a thought occoured to her.
She handed her clothes to me. “Tell you what Cary, since this is a special occasion, why don’t you try on my clothes, and imagine you were the one being fucked by Brad. Go on. These are kind-of special panties and I know you love my skirt and top. You can imagine you’re the glamorous woman, enticing her boyfriend, showing him your legs, getting him excited. Now you’ve seen how it’s done, you can let your imaination run wild.”
She laughed and I reached for the clothes, but she slapped my hands away.
“No. Not now. Now you need to get me and the bedroom ready for Brad.
Go in and get him a beer or something. Then follow me upstairs.”
She turned and stalked off, wearing nothing but her high heeled shoes and her lacy bra.
I joined Brad in the kitchen. He was staring into the refigerator.
“Where’s yer fuckin beer, sissy?” He asked. “You do have beer, right?”
“Yes Brad.” I answered meekly. “I’ll get you one.”
I fetched a cold beer from the other fridge, opened it,  and handed it to him.
He took a long swallow.
“How’d it taste?” He asked.
I looked at the bottle, confused.
“My spunk.” He said.
“Uh .. eh. .. uh. Good.” I gabbled, my face bright red and heart pounding.
He sneered, disgusted.
“Go on then. Fuck off.” He ordered. He couldn’t bear to look at me.
I skittered upstairs.
Heather was waiting for me in the bedroom.  She was reapplying her makeup at the vanity. She’d draped a silk robe around her shoulders  but otherwise, she was naked.
“Were you nice with Brad honey?” She asked as I knocked and came in. “I don’t expect you two to become friends or anything, but it would be good if you can be civil to each other. I want him to feel comfortable around here.”
“Eh, yes. Ithink so.” I stuttered. “I fetched hima beer, and that was all he wanted.
“Okay. He needs a few minutes to himself to recover. In the meantime, you can help me get nice for him to fuck me again. Pick out a nice cami and some fresh stockings. Don’t bother with panties.”
She smiled to me again in the mirror.
I fetched one of her silk camis, a black one with little spaghetti straps, and a pair of black holdups. She turned round so I could kneel and pull them up her legs.
“Are we having a nice time, cuckold?” She asked. This time, alone with her, I felt it wasn’t just a rhetorical question.
“Yes Heather.” I said, quietly, but earnestly. “Are you?”
“Yes of course.” She said, offering the other leg. “Don’t I look like I am?”
“Yes. I, I’m sorry I never was able to make you feel like this.” I said, a painful catch coming in my throat.
“Oh, how sweet. I think you really mean that.” She cooed. “It’s true. I never felt anything with you. Maybe I used to get a little excited when you would suck on my boobs when we were first married, but well, after that it was all a bit of a dissapointment, wasn’t it? But I knew you used to love sexy time with me, so I’d let you put your thing in me. It really wasn’t unpleasant or anything. I used to think of it like, walking the dog. You’d get to have a walk, but the dog always enjoys it so much more. But you do it becuase you have to, you know?”
“And because you love your dog?” I asked, my voice almost a whisper with trepidation.
She grinned, took my face in her hands.
“Yes.” She giggled. “I do love you, you silly, sissy little cuckold pussy.  But just not, that way, you know?”
I was so relieved. I wasn’t really sure what ‘that way’ meant, but I didn’t want to press the point.
“But tell me. I need to know. Is this like what you fantasised about? Is it, not the same, but as good as your imagination? Better? Worse?”
I looked away for a moment, then back to my wife.
“Well, it’s hard to answer, becuase, I never thought, never really imagined what it would really be like. It was, well, a fantasy, I never tried to make it realistic.”
She was frowning.
“But, but yes, it’s so, so much more than just better. I mean, I really want you to be happy Heather,  and if, if it wasn’t making you happy then, well, it wouldn’t matter about me.”
She smiled again.
“Good. And you’d better be telling the truth, becuase, you know, I intend to keep on living like this. Cuckolding you, keeping you as my maid servant, humiliating you. You understand? This is what life is like from now on.”
“Oh, yes please.” I gasped.
She laughed again. “I’m not asking you. I am telling you. Now, lets put on that cami.
I draped it over her head and it bunched up on top of her chest. She gave me a look and I gently tugged it down over the swell of her breasts. It was snug. Her nipples made little points in the black, silky material.
I heard Brad’s heavy tread on the stairs, but Heather didn’t shoo me away.
As Brad came in to the room, she went to him, went on her tiptoes in her stockinged feet and kissed him deeply. Brad wrapped his huge arms arond her and kissed her back hard, forcing her head back. She lifted one foot off the floor as his hands snaked to her ass, kneading her buttocks with one hand.
They kissed for a long time as I stared - warm, intimate, passionate, loving. Eventually they broke off, and Heather turned to me.
“Now Cary, thank Brad for satisfying your wife so well, and you can go.”
I stammered.
“Th - thank you B-Brad for, for ...”
“For fucking your wife.”
“Yes, yes. Thank you for fucking my wife so well. I, eh hope you both have a nice time.”
Tears were stinging my eyes as I hurried out. They were embracing again, and Brad was moving my wife towards the bed.
I have to admit that my tears flowed freely as  I dressed for bed. Heather had seemed so happy as Brad took her in his arms. They’d looked so good together.  I wanted her to be happy, I really did, but knowing another man was fucking her, worse, that they would fall asleep in each other’s arms, would whisper tenderly together, that was so terribly painful.  My own tiny bed  was so lonely. I dressed in a pair of black satin pyjamas. They felt lovely, but as I climbed into bed I could hear noises from next door - a rythmic creaking. As I lay in the dark, the noises became clearer. I could hear Heather’s moans, the headboard knocking, the muffled thump of the mattress as Brad serviced my wife. I knew how they were. She was on her back, her legs dpread wide, he was thrusting into her. Her breasts would be bouncing inside the cami top. Her hands would be on his shoulders, or flapping around her head. Her shoulders would be beginning to glow with sweat.
I heard them stop briefly, shift, and then begin again. He had her on all fours, her pussy available to him to mount her from behind. She would have her hands on the headboard, her knees spread wide to give him acccess. Her stockinged knees, would be fighting for purchase on the sheet. The thumping was slower but louder - a second time, he’d take longer to spend in her.
My pyjamas felt wonderful. Before going to bed I’d tideied away Heather’s clothes. I hadn’t wanted to do what she suggested, even though the outfit was lovely.  I rolled over in bed. I didn’t want to masturbate. I knew that if I did, then listening to the sounds of my wife cuckolding me in the next room would turn into the purest torure, and it was pretty bad as it was already.
I could hear her moans getting louder and more anguished. When we had made love, before, her moans had been higher, more breathy. of course, I’d thought that was how she sounded when she was having sex. Now, as she’d spelled out so clearly, I knew that was just her faking it for me. Like walking the dog, she’d said. She’d done that for me. And now, I was doing this for her. But not really. She was doing this. She’d wanted it, planned it, arranged it. She’d never enjoyed me making love to her. I’d done nothing for her. This was what she wanted. Brad was who she wanted.
‘I love you Heather.’ I whispered into my pillow as her cries grew louder and more insistent.
I could make out words now.  She was calling his name, telling him how big he felt, pleading with him to fill her up with his juice. She was having a wonderful time. The humping was fast, regular, pounding now. Brad must be getting close. I heard him grunt and snort as he began to ejaculate his seed into my wife’s pussy, making her his own. She squeeled his name, her voice ragged and hoarse, and slowly they subsided. Soon I could hear only low whispering and occasional giggles from Heather. These sounds hurt even more than their lovemaking, betraying their intimacy, while I was so lonely in my little bed.
Now, I felt like masturbating. Hopefully they would sleep, and I wouldn’t have to hear them making love after I came myself. I rubbed myself through the satin material. It felt wonderful as always. I reached inside and took my tiny penis between my thumb and forefinger. Little strokes. I luxuriated in my satin bedclothes, and thought of Heather’s soft warm body, so close on the other side of the wall.
I imagined myself dressed in one of the new dresses I’d bought. Elegant and feminine. I wanted to go out again tomorrow. More shopping. I’d loved it so much, being treated as a woman. What would it really be like? To do it all the time? To really be a woman? To be feminine? Bautiful? Wanted?
When Heather had dropped hints, I’d been repelled, but now, in the comfort of my own bed, I could wonder. Explore it in my own mind.
Would I like the feel of a man’s hands on my ass? Maybe? Maybe if he were feeling me in a lovely, silky dress? Maybe? Could I? Would I? Suck a man’s cock? If I were a woman. If I were in pantyhose? If, if I had breasts? Oh, so feminie. So lovely. Little strokes.
And suddenly, I realised someone had pushed open the door. Heather. She was here, watching me.
“Don’t stop baby.” She whispered. “Mommy’s here to help.”
Incredibly, she slipped into bed beside me, then slid on top of me, her body pressed close on mine, pinning me down.
“Wanted you.” She whispered into my ear. My heart soared.
“It’s all true.” She whispered. “Don’t think it isn’t. This changes nothing.”
I put my arms around her, held her tightly. I didn’t care. I just loved her so much.
“But I just wanted to take the dog for a walk, you know. Because I love him.”
Tears stung at my eyes again, but tears of hapiness this time.
“I love you so much Cary.” She whispered again, and her mouth found mine in the darkness, kissed me deeply, passionately.
“When you said, when you said sorry for not making me come. Oh, I wanted to take you in my arms, hold you like this. You’re my sweet boy. So loving, so confused. You do really want me to be happy, don’t you?”
“Yes. Always Heather.”
“Good. Getting fucked properly, oh, it makes me feel so good. And knowing you love watching me, yes, it makes it better. And I love you too. I want you to be happy too. Here.”
She shucked herself upwards until she was straddling my face. I buried my mouth against her pussy lips, probed with my tongue, sought out the salty cream inside, sucked hard and deep., swallowed and licked her while she gently rocked above me. All too soon she was cleaned out, and she moved back down to kiss me again, still lying on top of me, our bodies pressed together.
“Did you like that?” She whispered.
“Oh yes.”
I felt her smile. “Good. Me too. Having you cuck it out is almost as good as feeling him put it in. “
Her pussy was pressed against the top of my cock. So close. Only yhe silky material of my pyjamas separating us.
“It’s weird Cary.” She said. “Somehow, over these last few days, I’ve felt closer to you than  I have in a long time. Since, before. You know.
Maybe it’s because we’re both, being ourselves? When I read what you fantasised about. What made me angry, what hurt, was that you’d hidden so much of yourself from me. And maybe I’ve done the same. A bit. Do you understand?”
“I think so Heather. Yes.”
“Do you love me Cary?”
“Oh Heather, yes. Always.”
“I know. The think is Cary. We need to be honest with each other. Always.”
“Yes Heather.”
She reached down, pulled the waistband of my pyjama bottoms, lowered them. My cock was resting at the entrance to her pussy.
“Do you want to be a girl, Cary?” She whispered.
I cringed. “I don’t know Heather. Really. I’m sorry. I mean, I love dressing as a woman. I want to, more than anything.  But you mean more than that.”
“Yes. Sucking cock. Being fucked.”
Her breath was hot and moist on my ear.
“Maybe. As a woman.”
“Yes.” She hissed, almost in triumph. She pressed herself against my cock. I slid inside so easily.
“Now Cary.” She said, and her mouth covered mine and I bucked inside her, jetting my lov into her, enveloped in her, filled with her.
My Heather.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Next part of Basque/Hotel. (I have to get a name for this - any suggestions?)
Continues straight from the previous part. I'll make a .pdf of it all soon.
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She was so beautiful. She had slid to the floor in front of Brad, her back turned partly to me. She was kneeling, her head bobbing in his lap, her mouth sucking greedily on his cock while another stroked his shaft. She’d tossed her long hair over to the other side of her face so I could see her lips on Brad’s cock. She was making a low growling, moaning noise deep in the back of her throat.
Brad was trying to feel her breasts through the soft lambswool roll-neck.
She broke off her sucking.
“Cary, be a dear and take off my sweater, will you?” She asked with a smile.
Somehow, being asked to do this brought home the reality of the situation.  My wife was asking me to help undress her so her boyfriend could more easily fondle her breasts right in front of me. I rose to do so, my eyes fixed on her mocking smile. I could tell she was enjoying this enormously. She loved rubbing my face in her infidelity, displaying her body to me as her lover pawed at her. I loved her so deeply, so completely, and somehow, seeing her have sex with another man, knowing I’d lost her, just intensified my feelings.
As  I reached down to gently pull off the dark lambswool roll-neck, she caught my eye, licked her lips and winked at me.
Her head descended again to Brad’s lap and and I was close enough to hear the raw, profane sound of my wife slurping her saliva from her lover’s cock.
I sat back a little, unable to take my eyes off her mouth. His cock was huge, much much larger than mine, and Heather really seemed to be enjoying herself. Her eyes were shining, and I could detect a little smile, despite her lips being wrapped around a huge penis. Brads hands were inside her bra cups, pinching her nipples and fondling her heaving  breasts.
She broke off for a moment.
“What do you think of Brad’s cock?” She asked.
Without thinking, I replied. “It’s big.”
They both laughed.  “It’s a fuck of a lot bigger than yours anyway.” Said Heather. “I can’t wait to have it filling me up, fucking my pussy.  But aren’t you so like a  sissy.” She changed her voice to a mocking falsetto - “Oh, it’s sooo big.” And they both laughed at me again.
“Come on.” She said. standing up. “I want you to undress me.”
She stared at Brad, watching her, his cock now lolling in his lap, while I stood beside her, sissy handmaid to my mistress. She’d kicked off her shoes already. I fumbled with the zip on the side of her skirt. My hands were shaking.
“Come on Cary.” She teased. “Brad’s waiting. “You don’t want his cock to go soft do you?”
Brad laughed.
“I mean, if his cock goes soft, who’ll have to suck it hard again? Hmmm? I’ve already had my turn, haven’t I? You might need to get him ready, or else you won’t get to see him fuck me, and that’s what you want most in the world, isn’t it?”
At last, I had her skirt off.  “Yes.” I said. Desperate to avoid what she seemed to have in mind.
She’d turned to me, her face inches from mine.
“Pull down my panites.” She said. “Show Brad your wife’s pusssy.” I knelt and tugged down her silky panties. I stood again, and she draped her arms over my shoulders.
“Now. Ask him to fuck your wife.” She ordered.
I shuddered. Her eyes bored into my skull, leaving no escape.
“Please Brad. Fuh, fuck my wife.” I stammered.
 Heather glared at me. “Put some fuckin’ imagination into it Cary.” She hissed.  “Come on. We both know you can do better than that shit. Tell it like you mean it. We both know you do.”
I closed my eyes. I gulped. This was too real. Too much.
“Please Brad. Will you please fuck Heather. I’m .. I’m inadequate, and she’s never had good sex with me. And, and she really wants you to fuck her. And. And I want her to be happy.”
“Lovely.” Mouthed Heather to me, and she licked her lips. Brad was standing behind her.
“Sure Cary. I know she’s been gagging for a real cock for years. She couldn’t stop telling me in the club.”
 He nudged her knees apart a little with his own and she sank a little as her stilettoed feet moved apart a couple of inches on the hardwood floor. Her arms were still around my shoulders, her hands clasped behind my head. Brad moved closer, and watching her face, I saw, I felt his cock invade her pussy.
The look that came over  Heather’s face was both  wonderful and terrible. Her face creased in pain and pleasure as the huge cock stretched her pussy, forcing his way into her. I knew she’d wanted me to see her face up close to give me what I’d said I wanted, to show me in detail what she looked like when she had a real man’s cock inside her. I’d never seen her like this. Not in all the years of our marriage had I made her feel like this - like a woman. How sad and pathetic it must have been for her to end up with a man who could never satisfy her. Never touch the raw, sexual, feminine woman inside her. But now, here it was, in front of me.  How priviliged I was to see this. How she must love me to allow me to share in this with her.
Brad gripped Heather’s  hips with his huge hands and began thrusting into her.
“Oh man. Fucking your wife is the best!” He exclaimed. “She is such a fuckin’ slut! And she’s so tight! It’s like poppin’ a cherry.”
Heather let out a strangled laugh.
“Ha! Cary’s cock is so fucking small and pathetic.”
She paused, her head bobbing with the force of his thrusts.
“He never came close to stretching me.”
She paused again, gasping.
“It’d slip in.... and I’d have to ask ... uh .... is it in yet?”
And they both laughed at me, still fucking. The sound of my Brad’s thighs slapping off my wife’s as he pumped her, punctuating their laughter.
“Not like your cock Brad. Oh man. Now I know I’m getting fucked!”
Cary reached for her elbows, gripped both her arms, pulled her from me, and forced her down more, pulling her onto him, with each thrust, her high heels skittering on the polished floor.
He was fucking her now. In this position, she could only just fight to keep her legs from buckling. They weren’t making love together. He was fucking her. Literally in front of me.
Her head swayed and shook, her hair falling over her face. She shook it up, looked at me again.
“So ... this .. is what ... you .... wanted.    Seeing me ... getting ... fucked.   Is ... it ... all ... you ... dweamed of .. Cary?   ... Is it?”
She didnt wait for an answer.
“Euuggh. Fuck. Yes! Brad! Mmwah! Uh. Fuck my pussy!”
And suddenly he stopped, released her, and instinctively she fell to her knees in front of him, pulled his cock to her mouth and sucked hungrily on it, one hand on the shaft, the other, moving to her own crotch, fingering deeply into herself.
Brad grapsed her head with both hands and began fucking her mouth, rapidly, forcefully.
“Yeah. Suck it. Suck it. bitch” He barked. He looked over at me, his eyes clouded.
“Get on the couch sissy.” He ordered.
As I hesitated, unsure, he said “Gonna show you how to fuck a bitch.”
With a sense of shame at my relief, I realised he meant Heather, not me.
“This is what they want.” He said. “Cock. Gotta make them respect the cock. They need it. You’ll see.”
Heather ‘s  head was still slamming back and forth,  taking his deep thrusts into her throat.  Gagging noises came from her mouth. It was a terrible sight. If even just to let her stop, I clambered past them to the couch. sat on it, unsure what Brad wanted me to do.
“Sit back on the side.” He said and as I did so,  he released her head, pulled her up under the arms, deposited her between my legs so she was lying back on me, her head on my chest, her leags spread.
Heather’s hair was spread on my chest, her back pressed against my cock, straining inside my panties and hose. I could smell the soft scent of her shampoo from her hair, as familiar and lovely as ever. As Brad climbed onto the couch, she looked back at me, her eyes dabbed with tears from the throat-fucking she’d received.
“I want his cock.” She mouthed to me silently. The cushions sank as his wieght joined us, and Heather grabbed my wrists in her own hands, pulled my hands to her calves and I grasped them almost without thinking and she pulled my hands back, making me spread her legs wide for him.
My own legs were spread too, on either side of my wife. Brad’s bulk, his hugely muscled chest, his flat, sweat-slicked abs and  massive, engorged cock hulked over us. He positioned his cock over Heather’s pussy, pressing it between the soft folds of her mound, digging into her a little, then he gripped one leg with his arm and thust himself deep into her. Our bodies were pressed lengthwise together. I felt her gasp, release, grip, shudder and yield to him. His member buried all the way inside her. Her lower back was forced against my own cock, her legs suddenly trembling, her back muscles spasming against me, and with a sudden gasp, we were lost. Lost to the cock. To the fucking, to this alpha male, taking us, fucking us. Making us his bitch.
“Heuh. Heuh. Heuh.” Mewled Heather, little cat-like noises escaping from deep in her chest with each thrust of Brad’s cock into her.
“Jesus Brad. Jesus. Yes. Oh Yes. Heinnh. Heinnh. Fuck! Fuck yes. Fuck your bitch. Fuck your bitch.”
Her arms flailed about - stroking his chest, grabbing at her own nipples, reaching behind her to stoke my face - surprisingly tenderly. But there was no mistaking it. I was nothing to her now. Just a cushion. Everything was about the cock and the need to have it slide in and out of her. Deeper and harder and more delicious and insistent and forceful.
“You see, sissy? You see? You see your wife? You see her, how she really is?” Grunted Brad, his words forced between his teeth.
“She’s just a BITCH!” He grunted.
“Who needs the COCK!”
“Put on her BACK!”
“And  fucked like a BITCH!”
“Waaaaaaaah.”  Wailed Heather, her knees tembling uncontrollably, and the spasm began to rock her whole body as she shuddered in a terrific, clenching, terrible orgasm. Her whole body vibrated against mine as it took hold, yet I could still feel him pounding into her, rhythmic, primal, unstoppable.
“Brad! Oh Brad! Yes! Brad! Yeah! Oh! Yes! Oh. Oh. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me Brad. It’s so good. Please. Oh yes.”
And I learned something about women. This was what they wanted. To be fucked like this. To come,  and still be fucked. Fucked through their orgasm and on, and on. Not stopping. Not holding out till she came and then finally gasping,  squirting into her, a weak spurt of seed. But on and on, and relentless to more and more fucking.
Brad never faltered or even paused. He slammed into her again and again and again.  Slapping her legs open wider and wider as she peaked and subsided and then, regaining her strength, she began to peak again, encouraging him to fuck her harder, deeper.
“Fuck me.” She gasped through gritted teeth.
“Fuck me.”
“Fuck your bitch.”
“Fuck your whore.”
“Fuck me.”
“Fuck me Brad.”
“Fuck me.”
I tried not to look into his eyes. But there was nowhere else to look. His face loomed over us, as he fucked my wife into submission on top of me.
“Wider bitch.” He rumbled. And Heather pulled her legs wide as she could to give him access deep into the furthest reaches inside her.
He pumped her relentlessly. Her breath shucking in and out of her body as his weight slammed into her again anad again.
And then, terribly, he slowed. I felt Heather’s body protest, cling, try to hold him in. But he pulled out and lay back and she desperately scrambled to bury her face in his crotch, to worship the source of the pleasure again.
He tenderly stroked her hair, lying back and breathing slow as she worked on his cock with her mouth, sucking and stroking like her life depended on it.
Now, her ass was right in my face. I could see her gaping pussy, actually trembling in front of me.
Brad’s breathing slowed a little.
“You know what your wife told me on the way over here?” He asked.
He didn’t wait for an answer.
“She said that you never made her come, not once. Not in five years of marriage. Man! How can that be man?” He shook his head.
“Seriously. She said her wedding night was the most dissapointing night of her life. She realised what a big fucking mistake she’d made, but like, she’d married you, and, you know, she was in love with you and wanted to be a good wife and all, so she was like, she’d just have to put up with it, forever.”
Heather was still sucking his cock, making little moaning noises in her throat.
“And because, like, you couldn’t make her come, but she was like, sorry for you, she’d pretend to enjoy sex with you, and that you were so stupid, and like, you must have never seen a woman come, not for real, you never even guessed. And, that was like what it was like. And I asked. I said, you-know, didn’t she ever want to cheat . And she said, yeah, she wanted to, but she was a good wife, so she never would,  no matter how many guys would hit on her. And you know? You know?”
He was looking at me. I just shook my head forlornly.
“You know. Sure. Like, guys can tell, you know, when a woman isn’t getting any, when  she’s horny, like not having been fucked properly, in like, years, man! She must have beeen getting hit on all the time. Like, giving off vibes, maybe hormonal or some shit. Like, when we met this evening? Like man, if she hadn’t already told me, I’d have known straight away, like there’s a woman who isn’t getting any cock, you know?”
“So then, right, she finds all this shit you have on the internet, and shit you’ve written, like fantasies, about her fucking around and treating you like a sissy, and wanting to wear women’s clothes and shit, and she was like - Whoah! What the fuck, and you were like jerking off to this shit, all the fuckin time? Like you were cheating on her, but like, with porn and shit, and she was like, oh man!  I can’t believe this asshole, doesn’t fuck me right, and all the time he’s like a fucking secret sissy. No wonder, and here she is, like saving herself. How fucked up is that?”
I shook my head.
He nodded, angry. “Yeah, so if you’re feelin’ sorry for yourself, feelin bad because your wife is fucking another guy in front of you, and like I would be too, but when she explained, and told me this shit - and it’s totally true, right? - yeah, I’m like, fuck yeah. Fuck him.”
“I’m sorry.” I said, pathetically.
“Yeah, you are one sorry asshole. Sitting there watching your wife suck another man’s cock. And now, I’m gonna fuckin’ show you. Gonna’ slam-fuck her right here. You want this cock Heather?”
“Oh Jesus yes, please Brad.” She said quickly, and she rose and presented her rear to him, straddling me on her all fours on the couch so her face was above mine.
I couldn’t really see Brad, just Heather’s head , framed by her beautiful auburn hair, and her breasts swaying above me,
She kissed me, her breath smelling of his cock, her face flushed.
“I love Brad’s cock.” She said, her voice husky. “i love being fucked and I love doing it in front of you.”
Suddenly there was a slap and her face winced in pain. He had given her a hard spank!
“Oh yeah!” She squeeled. “Do me. Do me now.”
And there was another spank and she squeeled, her eyes closing and then flying open again, sparkling at me. And then her mouth creased and opened wide and her eyes clouded and I knew he’d thrust his big fat hard cock deep into my wife’s pussy again, and she was loving it.
“Uuuugh.” She gasped, and she caught my chin in one hand, even as her body bucked with his first thrusts.
“I love my new life.” She said. “Finally getting fucked, by a real man, a strong man. Not my wimpy, sissy hubby. Not you. “
“Euuugh. Yes. It feels so good. So good in my cunt. Do I look good? Do I Cary? Do I look like I did in your imagination when you were writing your stories? Do I? Do I look like the perfect wife? Do I look like an angel? A filthy, slutty angel with a cock in her snatch? Do you love me now? Did you get what you wished for?”
She looked back at him over her shoulder, panting.
“Yeah. Yeah, fuck me. Brad.” She squeeled.
And he began to really pound her, hard and fast. Her head bobbed and shook and her voice became a low thrumming drone as he hammered her, and her face began to change colour and her mouth distended into a pouting scowl of pure sexual pleasure.
“UhUhUhUhUhnnnnnn. Oh fuck god yes please. Uhhnnnnnnnn.”  She moaned and I saw her come again, her eyes closed in ecstacy as Brad’s cock punished her pussy as hard as he could. I could hardly bear to watch, but pinned beneath her, I had no choice. As Heather came, her arms slid out and she fell on top of me, her cheek pressed against mine, her chest pressed on top of me, so I could feel, so clearly the force of his thusts and the effect they were having on my wife’s spasming body.
Flushed, sweating, every muscle tensed, she came on top of me,  her lover’s torso slamming out his rythm on her ass.
Even as she collapsed Brad still fucked her, wrenching into her now limp body with even more ferocity, until, I could hear his own breathing change, and suddenly he lifted her up by the shoulders and pulled her sitting again. His cock was inches from her face and she moved to suck it almost by instinct, but his hand held her away while the other pumped his huge, engorged phallus rapidly. He held her head with one hand and Heather’s eyes sought mine, a smile playing on her lips as she witnessed my reaction to this awful sight. As he began to spasm, she looked up to him, smiling, as his cock erupted a jet of white semen onto her face, from her lips to her hair-line. He bellowed in brute victory as another spurted over one cheek and over her eyelid and then another over her lips and into her waiting, open mouth. Then, amazingly he continued to spurt his come in smaller, but still copious jets onto her neck and her breasts as Heather licked and smiled and laughed in delight.
Finally, he was done. Gasping, he stood on the floor again, watching Heather grin at me in triumph.
“Happy, bitch?” He asked.
“Yes, thank you Brad.” She said, and then she just smiled some more, and then back at me, her face flushed, her breasts heaving, her fingers playing wither her swollen nipples, gently swirling his come around them.
“I don’t need to see this.” He grunted and, grabbing his pants, he lumbered from the room. I wasn’t sure where he was headed. I didn’t care.
“Come on hubby.” Cooed Heather. “We both know what you want to do. You’ve been so good. Come and get your reward.”
Her smile was electrifying. Knowing and powerful. She could see completely through me.
The sight of her come-covered face and chest was amazing. Gingerly I moved forward.
“No flinching Cary.” She warned. “Show me how you love this, or I won’t let you watch me any more.”
I gulped. I knew what she meant. Though this was something I’d fantasised about forever, I’d never really thought about what it would actually be like. I steeled myself, moved closer, and then, willing myself to do it, I eagerly licked a huge line of come that was beginning to dribble down  Heather’s breast. It was a little salty, but warm and musky. Heather’s smile deepened.
“That’s it. Good boy Cary. Like the man’s come off your wife tits. Lovely. Did you enjoy watching him fuck  me? Was it good?”
I couldn’t answer for a moment. I licked and slurped the thick jism from her breasts and then, she wiped the spurts of it from her cheecks and around her mouth, offereing her dripping fingers to my open mouth so I could suck it from her hand.
“MMmm. Nice spunk.” Murmured Heather. “Good boy for cleaning it all up. Good boy. Mommy is pleased with you. Are you happy that Mommy has a nice man to make fucky with her, are you? Good hubby.”
“Were you disspointed not to get to suck Brad’s spunk  from my pussy? Were you? Hmmm. Still, seeing me get a lovely facial must have made up for it a bit.
Now, me an Brad are going to go to bed together. You  clean up here, and when you hear us fucking again in our room, you can jerk yourself off. Okay? And in the morning, I’m sure Brad will have left a nice load of his spunk in my pussy for you to suck out again. Won’t you like that? Won’t you Cary? Yes. I know.”