Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A little more writing.
I added some more to the latest parts of Stephanie, finally finishing a scene that felt like it might consume the rest of th ebook.
I also had a mild panic when I thought I'd lost the file with the notes where I'd spelled out what has gone on with Ken before the events of the story. Despite haveing written it out, I couldnt not remember what I'd written, except that I'd been very pleased with it. I thought I'd never recreate what I'd done, even though it was justa page of bullet points. Anyway, found it again.
I also got in touch with saragirl, who is the best writer of these kinds of stories. All her stuff is on You should read them and then mail her and tell her how great her stories are.
Anyway, that's it. Not many comments yet. I expect it'll take a while.