Friday, December 31, 2010

Lucie Theodorova.
I like a lot of porn stars. Here's one I very much like - "Lucky" Lucie Theodorova. Now, like a lot of people, I collect a lot of porn. The vast bulk, I delete very quickly, but what I like, I keep. Every now and again, I'll see a model I particularly like, and I'll look for more of her. Erica Campbell springs to mind. Others - maybe Celeste, Jelena Jensen, Shannon Stewart, Sunny Leone, Tiffany Fallon, Wendy Knight, Jayden Cole, Kyla Cole, Nanna Gibson, Sydney Moon. Well, I like Lucie too. I think I can recall exactly when I noticed she was special. It was when I saw, this exact look in this clip on the left, which is from I made me think of this exact look in this other clip below, and I realised it was the same model. Of course, I then realised I'd seen her several other times.

So, some internet searches later and suddenly, there's a big Lucky Lucie Theodorova folder on my hard drive. But what is it about her? It's this look, and this, and this. I love the playfulness, the knowing look. She's sharing something with the camera, the viewer. She winks, she drops a shoulder, she smiles. She's saying 'I'm having a whale of time getting fucked. Don't you wish you were me?' And of course, I do. Unfortunately, she's no longer doing porn. Oh well, hope she's doing well now, wherever she is. She certainly gave me a lot of pleasure.

What I don't like in porn.
So, now I've said what I like, back to my favorite subject - what I don't like. First off, which should be obvious, any kind of violence towards women, however mild. Ass slapping. Don't like it. Hair pulling. No way! What kind of man pulls a girl's hair? I was always taught this was the most cowardly and despicable act a man could do. Obviously, there's much, much worse out there, but really nasty stuff is easy to avoid. But quite mild porn, can sometimes suddenly have the male actor slap his partner's ass, or pull her hair from behind. When did this become acceptable? I hate it, and it turns me right off.

Also, spitting. This is harder to explain. Obviously a blow job or kissing or licking, or, well anything to do with the mouth involves some saliva, and you'd need to be a bit odd to have a problem with that. But often in porn, the woman will suddenly spit on the guys cock, before or during fellatio. I hate that. I feel there's something kind of low-class and nasty about spitting. I mean when there's actual force used to expel the spit. Usually with a 'pthew' type sound. Euugh, I think. Why did you do that? I realise it doesn't really make sense, to be turned off by something like this when there's all sorts of other stuff on screen that would make most people's hair curl, but I still don't like it. Sex should be intimate, loving, sensual. Somehow, spitting ruins that for me, makes it nasty, aggressive.

Maybe that's why I love Lucy so much. She always looks like she's enjoying sex, wants to express it, to share it with the viewer.