Sunday, September 25, 2011

At last, she knows.
That's the name I finally chose for the story I've variously called 'Basque' or 'Hotel' or 'The one I'm working on now'.
I had to choose a name so I could upload it as a kindle file for Amazon, where it sits, nervously, awaiting a first purchaser.
Here's the link. If you're reading this then you've probably read all of it anyway. In which case, leave a review, please. I've uploaded a .pdf with pictures here.

Thanks to Saragirl who first suggested I should try to publish for the kindle. I'm going to do some of my other completed stories this way, and maybe work on something brand new that I haven't published anywhere else.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. be nice to each other.


  1. Wow. Three sales already. I'm delighted!

  2. Stephanie's Scheme and Clarissa would probably sell pretty good if you finished them. It seems if you can build a following things can only grow from there. If Sara Desmarais, for example, puts something out I immediately buy it.

  3. Ah yea, Niqqi, but for that I'd actually have to finish them. I think I'll do 'Path of Least Resistance' next, since it is finished.
    Of those other two, I think Clarissa is the one I would most likely work on some more with a view to finishing. The story in it is pretty much done.

    Five sales!

  4. Fantastic-I wish you all the best!

  5. OMG, here you are!

    Utterly awesome to rediscover you on the web... and to once again revel in the luscious decadence of your writing.



  6. Omigod! It is soo hot.. I'm tenting in my panties... will have to check it further later! :)
    Thank you!