Friday, October 14, 2011

Taking your spanking.

“That’s a good,good boy. You’ve taken your spanking
and Mommy is very pleased with you. We both know that
you’ll be good from now on.
Would you like a nice reward? Do you want to suckle
on Mommy for a little while? Yes of course you do sweetie.
You love sucking on me, just like a little baby. So soft,
and warm and comforting. Mmmm. That’s it. Suck on
one and gently rub the other with your hand. Oh, I love
you baby.
Are you rubbing your pee pee between my legs? Oh you
are! That’s so naughty! Are you thinking about all the
things that Mommy and her man-friend will do tonight?
Do you want to listen? Yes? Well, I’ll see. You suckle
on Mommy’s breasts and rub your pee-pee. That’s it.
Is your bottom sore? You’ll have to do what Mommy
tells you in future, won’t you?
That’s it. Good boy. You don’t mean to be bold. I know.
No. Don’t make a mess on my stockings. Pull up your
panties. Run along and get into your sissy girl nightdress
and later, maybe you’ll be able to hear my man-friend
spanking me? That’s it. Now run along baby.”


  1. Anonymous2:23 AM

    How utterly fabulous, I just adore everything you write.....more please I beg you. xx sissy jayne

  2. Awww..this is just sooo sweet... and sexy!! My pee pee is starting to strain in my panties! :)