Friday, October 21, 2011

Thanks for doing me up, hon.


  1. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Mmmmmm! :)

  2. VickieTern12:06 PM

    Alamo, I'm delighted that you're writing again I even bought your new fiction. You -- and SaraGirl -- are the best writers I know for this kind of fantasy fiction (and you know I'm qualified to judge).

    But do you plan to finish the Fictionmania postings? -- there IS an element of "bait and switch" in leaving formerly free stories unfinished except at a price. And where can one find definitive versions of those stories if now completed?

  3. Hi Vicky. Yes, I suppose I intend to. I haven't written any more for Stephanie or Clarissa, both unfinished on FM, here and on my hard drive. When I do, I'll post the completion there too. I'm measuring time in years, maybe decades, you understand.
    The definitive versions don't even exist in my head yet. Hope you enjoyed those stories. I'm trying to finish something new for Amazon that I haven't posted anywhere yet right now.
    Hope you're well. Love to you.

  4. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I was wondering if you plan on doing a third part to the Clarissa" story. I enjoyed the first 2 parts and am very disapointed that there is no third part. You left it hanging as to wether or not that she ever had a relationship with Clarissa? She used Frank to seal the cockhold of her husband an i was let to believe that she did want ti have a love affair with clarissa. Please let me know when and where i will be able to read pard 3.

  5. God bless you with discernment.