Thursday, November 10, 2011

When will you ever finish Clarissa?

A few people have asked about 'Clarissa' - when will it ever be finished? 

For instance - 
"I was wondering if you plan on doing a third part to the Clarissa" story. I enjoyed the first 2 parts and am very disapointed that there is no third part. You left it hanging as to wether or not that she ever had a relationship with Clarissa? She used Frank to seal the cockhold of her husband an i was let to believe that she did want ti have a love affair with clarissa. Please let me know when and where i will be able to read pard 3. Rachael"

Clarissa and Stephanies Scheme are the two longest stories I've written, but neither are finished. In my mind, Clarissa though, is probably 80% done. Stephanie, well, is it even half way finished?

However, I have been planning to finish Clarissa. The scene where I stopped - Jenny is about to go on a date with Frank - I found difficult to start. The whole story has been leading up to it, so it has to be done, but I really had no idea how to go on with it. However, a couple of weeks ago, I sat down and re-read the whole thing up to that point, correcting typos and rewriting parts of it, and I managed to go on with the next scene. It's nowhere near finished yet, and I can't guarantee I won't get stuck or abandon it again,  I'm going on with it for the moment.

BTW Rachel - I think she was having a relationship with Clarissa - they have sex and profess their love for each other. Jenny isn't going to leave her husband, but I think she will have a relationship with her - they already are.

Since I started writing Clarissa when I was posting to Fictionmania, I will post the last part there. I'll also post it here with pictures, in a .pdf and I'll put it on Amazon as a kindle book too. 

I've made just over 200 sales on Amazon of the two stories I've posted there, which feels wonderful. Thank you to everyone who bought copies. I would really, really love some more reviews. You don't have to have purchased a story to review it on Amazon, so I'd really appreciate, if you've read either of them to post a review.

Since this is a rambling, mixed bag of a post, can I recommend a particular blogger - Servitor - his blog 'Contemplating the divine' is both thrilling and occasionally hilarious. He is the best femdom capper there is, and although his tastes stray more into the harder end of BDSM, the pictures are mostly of simply beautiful women with knowing, imperious smiles. I think the most difficult thing for cappers is to match the picture to the text, and when you read his captions, you cannot imagine that the picture ever had any other meaning. Here's a particular favorite of mine.
Well, who needs to think about such an offer? Freedom is overrated, I've always thought.


  1. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Congrats on the sales.
    And you're right, that cap summarizes it all nicely :)

  2. Bom Dia AP,

    There have been a number of times where I have written comments about your stories and this is not one of them.
    There is a site that you might find interesting, faut de mieux, called The content impinges to a great extent upon your own preferences. If you have already accessed it, forgive me for being intrusive; if not she writes well and seemingly from direct personal experience.

    I wish you and yours a peaceful holiday season.

  3. Anonymous10:29 AM

    The cap is excellent!

  4. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Please finish Clarissa. It is a great story. Thanks!