Sunday, May 08, 2011

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

I think you are. When I felt you stiffen up in the movie theatre, I thought 'Hello? What's this.'
You know when I mean. Of course you do. You forget that I know you so well. I know you like legs. Of course I do. We've been married five years and you adore mine, always have. I sense your reaction when you see some other woman's legs that you really like. I feel it. I know. And it's okay, nobody expects their partner to wear blinkers. If I see a guy I think is sexy, I'm sure I give off signals too.
But that was more than just that wasn't it. That scene? When she got so vampish? And then she threatened to take him over her knee? You reacted right then. You got so quiet. Sure you reached for some popcorn, but that was covering, right? And when she pulled him over her lap? Fuck, you were so quiet, so tense, so stiff, you might as well have screamed 'That fucking turns me on!' right there in the theater. Did you know I knew? Were you sure? Are you sure now? You keep glancing over.
Back then, I was so surprised, so intent on your reaction, I hardly noticed my own. But I kept thinking about it. And then I wondered, why? Does the idea turn me on too? It does. I'm thinking about putting you over my lap right now. Can you tell? Are you nervous? Let's find out.

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