Sunday, May 08, 2011

"Bill, you know the way you keep forgetting to take out the trash, and then we have a week of stinky garbage in the yard?
Yeah, well, I know you hate it too, but you keep forgetting. Do you think there's anything we can do to improve your memory?
What? No, that's a stupid idea. I was thinking, you know, that some reinforcement is what you need.
Yeah, reinforcement. Where you remember something bad happened when you forget to do something. That helps you to remember, understand?
Oh, I don't know. Something painful. Like, maybe a spanking.
You're laughing, but it isn't funny. I'm serious.
I'm thinking that you might benefit from a spanking. Yes. You know the way when we have an argument, and I win, and then you're all sulky, and then I have to tell you not to be such a baby? Yeah, well after those times, you're much better behaved. Yes you are.
Well, I think that a spanking will be even better. It'll help with your attitude. Yeah. I do mean that, I mean you'll be happier. And better behaved.
You know the way you feel when I let you suck on my tits? Yes. Yes that's right, well, it can be like that. Yeah, because sucking on a nipple is like what a baby does. And going over my lap will be like that too.
Yeah, sure, you can suck on them after I spank you. That'd be nice. I think I'd like that too. And if you want you can call me 'Mommy'. Sure baby.
Yeah, come on over here and put yourself on Mommy's lap.

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