Sunday, May 08, 2011

"You think he'll like it?
Who? Jim of course.
Yes, I'm going to see him tonight. Why do you think I'm getting all dressed up? I bought this skirt and top today for goodness sake.
Well what did you expect? You told me you fantasied about me dating other guys ... Oh, okay, sure, about fucking other guys ... Yeah, well I have to date first, stupid. I don't want him to think I'm some sort of slut.
Oh for fuck's sake, don't pout. He's just a boyfriend. I like him, he makes me feel good. I love it when he puts his hands on my ass when we dance. Yeah, the other night. Yes, he was there, with all my work friends, he does work with me you know. Yeah, everyone saw, of course they did. What did they think? Well, duh, they would have guessed I'm cheating on you with him. At least most of them would, Annie wouldn't have had to guess, she saw me sucking him off in the cloakroom.
Yeah, of course, I mean I'd led him on all night, I couldn't send him home with blue balls, could I, not if I wanted to see him again. Oh stop sulking, yeah, I never give you blow jobs. You know I don't like it.
Honestly, I don't know what you're complaining about. Having blue balls is all part of being a sissy wimp cuckold.
What? Aren't you? Wasn't that you telling me how your fantasies about watching me fuck another guy? Isn't this you sitting here watching your wife get dressed to go out with her boyfriend? Well isn't it? Aren't you getting a hard-on just talking about it? Yes you are.
Now, tell me, you think he'll like it?

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