Saturday, January 01, 2011

Black Basque.
Here's a short 'Caption' type thing I did a while ago.

It really was the basque that inspired this, and another piece that I'm still working on.

It's the Tiffany Basque by Masquerade. Lingerie brands can be complicated.
Masquerade is a brand of the British company Panache. Tiffany is the style, and it also features a waspie, shorts, bra and bunch of other gorgeous stuff.
As usual, their own site is a bit pathetic. The best place to view it is on Bravissimo's site, which is the website of a British specialist bra retailer. Their site is great and features very large resolution images, and very beautiful models.

All the models on the Bravissimo site smile, and sometimes, even laugh. Far too often I find lingerie photography is way too moody. Bored, emaciated models lounge around in dimly lit warehouses. Give me a curvy girl who's delighted with her bra any day.


  1. I came across some of your stories on the story site. Needless to say I have become a fan.

    I was reading Stephanie's Scheme and was upset with the abrupt ending.

    A google search brought me here but Stephanie's Scheme's PDF page has been suspended. Is there a continuation to Stephanie's Scheme past Ken, Ellen and Carol's shopping trip?

    If so where could I find it.

    Thank's Tightredcorset

  2. Anonymous6:27 AM

    Same as Harly. Help!!