Saturday, January 01, 2011

I'm not really okay with it.
Darker still. Somehow I can make them more cruel and unpleasant when they're short. I can't sustain meanness in a longer story.

Don't remember where I got the image from. If it's yours, sorry.

"Loving female domination."
That's the title of Elise Sutton's first book (and it's a great book of course) but it's also what I often find myself looking for on the web - stories, pictures, videos - because that's what I like.
I want femdom, but I don't want to be mean, aggressive or nasty. It has to be loving.
And it's out there, of course. It's out there in blogs, art, story sites, all sorts of places and lots of it is great and there's enormous variation too. But there's very little loving female domination in mainstream porn.
And I think that's odd. Porn caters for practically every niche you might think of, from the vanilla to stuff so repulsive you wish you could burn out your eyes. And given that loving female domination is so popular (I think), you'd imagine that there would be lots of sites with professional photography and video, but no, none.
FemDom in professional pay sites is universally mean and occasionally very unpleasant. I think the reason is that it's easier to act nasty than it is to be loving.
Of course, I'm a bit of a hypocrite to be saying this beneath the fairly mean vignette above, but that's pretty unusual for me. The meanness, that is, not the hypocrisy.
If anyone agrees/disagrees, please comment below. Prove me wrong kids!

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