Sunday, January 09, 2011

Why are they all so thin?
Who is it who likes skinny girls. I never want to see ribs. I want to see soft curves. Not bony elbows and knees and hips. I don't have some 'fat' fetish (to add to the list of others) but I do like plumpness. Somehow, plump women always look happier, more comfortable with themselves.

Big girls look more confident, sensuous, loving. They look like they know how to enjoy themselves. The woman on left is a case in point. She's a model from Hips and Curves by the way, who have a tumblr site here.
Their models are beautiful, busty, curvy, glowing.
One of the most beautful is the girl below - "Monica Harbison".
Somehow, also, big women look better in lingerie. Better than skinny women I mean. Lingerie accentuates curves and shape and if there's no shape there in the first place, then it can't do much. There's not much nicer looking though, than a generous breast filling out a lacy bra cup or a curvy hip, draped in luscious satin.

It's often pointed out that the late 20th and 21st century's obsession with thinness is an aberration. Through history, men always preferred larger women's shapes. And for the most part, men haven't changed - it's just fashion that has changed. So really, I'm normal and the rest of the world is mad.

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